Custom B2B
Ecommerce Website
Design & Development

At CreativeWebSol we have been powering custom B2B eCommerce websites since 2003. In this pandemic more B2B buyers shop online than ever before. Our research shows every B2B eCommerce website faces unique; usability, functionality and content challenges online. The most common functionality requirements can be restricting a user/customer group, displaying different pricing based on demographics, allowing a customer to purchase specific quantity and the list goes on. Here's how we help You Attract, Convert, Impress and Generate more Revenue with your B2B eCommerce website;

Your B2B Customer is our NUMBER-1 Priority

Purchasing from a B2B website is often a complicated process because every customer has different specific requirements and expectations your website must meet. These requirements cover everything from standard to specialized functionality and a flawless user experience. CreativeWebSol helps you achieve following when it comes to your Customer Satisfaction;

B2C Like Experience

Over the last decade traditional retail has failed to achieve the level of convenience online shopping offers. B2B customers prefer a B2C like experience than a standard complicated B2B shopping procedure. A study shows over 90% B2B customers prefer a vendor’s website with B2C like shopping experience. At CreativeWebSol we design and develop a fully scalable platform which enables your website to sell to any business size while having the B2C like simplified, streamlined purchasing process.


B2B customers are often under some restrictions to make a purchase. These can be their budget, specific requirements (shipping, quantity or timeframe), or even business policy. This makes them a different group of customers than your standard B2C customers and limit their options to purchase.

This is the main reason they want to buy from a B2B website which doesn’t waste their time. To meet this standard, our team develops a website which is super-fast on all the devices (desktop, mobile and tablets), not only that but it’s easier to navigate and accurate information is shown to the potential buyers on your product pages.

Our custom-built platform offers recurring orders or reordering lightning-fast as B2B customers prefer placing large orders of different products. Our built-in search system helps go through unlimited categorization and find more product variants with just few clicks of a button, so your customers can find what they are looking for and complete their purchase in moments.

Pricing & Payments

An important part of B2B selling is building a great business relationship. This is often achieved by offering custom pricing. A buyer expects pricing appropriate to the product quantity or order size and want rewards for their loyalty to your brand. Our custom-built platform enables you to setup flexible product pricing easily. You can offer multiple pricing tiers based on customer type, order quantity or even setup a promotional price for different groups of products. We are also capable of integrating third party B2B-specific solutions with your website.

Custom B2C Ecommerce
Website Design & Development

Target Your Consumer Audience
and Convey a Strong Brand Message

Brand awareness is crucial to your B2C success, whether you have a local business or you are an eCommerce retailer. To successfully sell a product in a crowded category you must differentiate your company from others. At CreativeWebSol we help you expand the reach of your brand to sell more products online and grow your business.

eCommerce Design

As your custom B2C eCommerce website company we help your business’s digital presence to inspire customer trust, increase customer engagement and bring increased conversions. We know your eCommerce success depends mostly on DESIGN. Here’s why design is the most important factor;

  • 75%

    visitors judge websites
    by aesthetics.

  • 38%

    visitors will leave instantly
    if they find a website

  • 88%

    users won’t return after
    a single negative digital

eCommerce Development

We cater to a different eCommerce needs with expertise ranging from Pre-Built Solutions to Custom High-Performing Infrastructural Setups. With lasting security, unfailing performance and an integrated business environment our B2C Ecommerce Development covers single B2C website to multistore and offers;

  1. Highly personalized experience for an extensive customer base
  2. Handling and support for diverse product lines and service types, product grouping and configurable product attributes
  3. Pre-order and saved cart management
  4. A complete marketing and promotional set of tools within your website
  5. Product comparison and recommendation tools and workflows for your customers
  6. Lightning-fast members only or guest checkouts
  7. Automated and dynamic tax calculation
  8. Advanced product search

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