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  • Edwards

    We’ve seen a notable increase in engagement and outreach. CWS truly understands the intersection of healthcare innovation and digital marketing.

    ~Paul Van SchellebeeckCMO Edwards Lifesciences

    • Engagement Rate+21%
    • Bounce Rate36.14%
  • Air Liquide

    The increase in site engagement and positive feedback from our clients is a testament to CWS’s exceptional work.

    ~AfreenDS Air Liquide

    • Engagement Rate+51%
    • Bounce Rate43.17%
  • Dwelcom

    Their ability to transform our website and optimising it for search engines led to a phenomenal increase in online inquiries and customer engagement.

    ~MattCMO Dwelcom

    • Engagement Rate+60%
    • Bounce Rate30.21%
  • El Nido Beach

    Our transformation was recognized with prestigious awards and we saw a dramatic surge in organic traffic by 900%.

    ~GemmalynPresident El Nido Beach

    • Open Rates+400%
    • Keywords Ranked+700%