Arion Crosby



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Arion Crosby, a dynamic presence in the international kart racing scene, sought to elevate his digital footprint to match his thrilling career. Recognizing the need for a web presence that resonated with the energy and excitement of kart racing, Arion aimed for a website that would not only highlight his achievements and career trajectory but also captivate and engage his rapidly growing fan base.


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CWS embraced this challenge, creating a unique brand identity that reflected Arion’s adrenaline-fueled career. The team developed a fan-focused website, optimized for various devices, that seamlessly showcased his racing schedule, career highlights, and a dynamic news section. The branding extended to a striking logo and print materials that encapsulated the essence of Arion’s speed and precision on the track.

The solution provided by CWS was a custom, easy-to-navigate WordPress site, ensuring fans and media had instant access to the latest updates, events, and achievements in Arion's karting journey. This digital transformation effectively mirrored the excitement and passion of Arion Crosby's kart racing career, further establishing him as a prominent figure in the sport.

We partnered with CWS for Arion’s digital branding and the results were phenomenal. Their team’s understanding of our unique needs in the racing world led to the creation of an intuitive, engaging website that truly captures Arion’s spirit and connects with his fans.

~Manager - Arion Crossby