Dr. Stephanie Estima

Website Development


Dr. Stephanie Estima focuses on empowering women through understanding their unique health needs, particularly around hormonal changes. She offers a comprehensive resources through her website, which includes her podcast “Better!,” various health tools, and her book “The Betty Body.” The site aims to educate women on topics such as perimenopause, menopause, and overall wellness, providing actionable insights tailored to female health.


  • Frontend Development
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Animations


  • Health & Wellness

Dr. Stephanie Estima, renowned for her dedication to women’s health, particularly in addressing hormonal changes, sought CWS’s expertise to bring her vision of a more interactive and engaging digital presence to life. With an array of resources like her podcast, and various health resources, she was looking to enhance her website’s user experience through design, a custom WordPress built and web animations that resonate with her branding.

Creative Web Sol Project
Creative Web Sol Project
Creative Web Sol Project

CWS crafted a custom Wordpress theme for Dr. Estima, which not only was easy to use but also improved its functionality. The new design was tailored to allow easy updates and featured engaging web animations, resulting in a website that not only met but exceeded Dr. Estima's expectations. This project showcases our team's ability to transform ideas into a dynamic online presence that perfectly aligns with client branding and end-user needs.

CWS enhanced my website’s impact and functionality. They created a content management system and incorporated new design which brought my vision to life, making the site not only more user-friendly and engaging but also easier to manage and update. I’m thrilled with the results and the positive feedback from my community.

~Dr Stephanie Estima