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Edwards Lifesciences, a leader in cardiovascular and critical care innovation, partnered with CWS to revolutionize its digital footprint in the search engine landscape. As a company at the forefront of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring, Edwards needed to optimize its online presence to reflect its cutting-edge technologies and patient-focused approach.


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CWS embarked on an extensive overhaul of Edwards’ search engine marketing strategy, which included a comprehensive revamp of on-page SEO. Our technical SEO efforts tackled multiple on-page issues, enhancing website structure, content relevance, and keyword optimization. This meticulous attention to technical details not only improved organic rankings but also made the website more accessible and user-friendly.

Our strategy encompassed creating multiple landing pages for key products, bolstered by strategic content marketing and SEO to drive engagement and conversions. Market research and competitive analysis informed our approach, leading to a targeted and data-driven campaign.

The Results

The partnership led to enhancements in UX/UI and graphic design, elevating the overall user experience. Paid ad campaigns were optimized to maximize leads while minimizing expenses. Edwards’ collaboration with CWS not only optimized its digital presence but also established a new benchmark in healthcare digital marketing.


1st Page Rankings

1st Page Rankings Increase 190%


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in engagement


Rise in average session duration


Increase in organic traffic within first six months


Boost in organic search sessions

The redesign perfectly encapsulates our brand ethos, and the SEO strategy has dramatically improved our visibility in search results. Combined with their targeted marketing campaigns, we’ve seen a notable increase in engagement and outreach. CWS truly understands the intersection of healthcare innovation and digital marketing.

~CMO - Edwards