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El Nido Beach, a trailblazer in sustainable luxury accommodations based in the idyllic island El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, embarked on a transformative journey with CWS to redefine its brand and elevate its market presence. The brand aims to synergize its commitment to sustainability with the allure of luxury, creating a unique investment opportunity in one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. The challenge was multifaceted: a complete overhaul of marketing strategy, brand architecture, storytelling, and a suite of digital and traditional marketing tools to revolutionize their approach.


  • Branding
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Application


  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Finance

The President of El Nido Beach, was determined to redefine the brand’s communication strategy both internally and externally. Understanding the complexities of seamless interactions among various teams, her vision was to integrate a robust CRM system, streamlining investor communications and ensuring efficient updates in investor relations, press, and media coverage.

CWS partnered with El Nido Beach to not only boost the operational efficiency; we revolutionized El Nido Beach's brand messaging through a design-led approach, embracing modern aesthetics and clear, impactful communication.

Our comprehensive strategy encompassed market research, competitive analysis, and deep dives into consumer insights, to position the brand in an ever-changing saturated Southeast Asian real estate market. We reimagined El Nido Beach’s digital footprint with a brand-new core ideology, a user-friendly website, optimized across devices, and introduced a dynamic system to connect sales agents and potential clients with vital business information. Our targeted paid ad campaigns and meticulous SEO and social media management significantly boosted visibility and engagement.


Increase in organic traffic


Open rate achieved


Qualified leads generated

Our multi-channel approach fostered a robust brand community, positioning El Nido Beach as a leader in its field. The brand's transformation was recognized with prestigious awards, a reflection of our unwavering dedication to excellence. With CWS, El Nido Beach transcended traditional online presence, establishing itself as a paradigm of sustainable luxury in real estate.

The increased engagement and enhanced online visibility have significantly contributed to our brand’s growth and recognition in the luxury resort market. CWS’s expertise in creating unique and effective digital experiences is evident in the positive feedback we’ve received from our partners and stakeholders.

~President - El Nido Beach Resorts