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GC Beach Resorts and Hotel, nestled in the serene beauty of Morong, Bataan, Philippines, partnered with CWS to redefine its digital presence in the luxury travel market. Renowned for offering a blend of relaxation, adventure, and natural splendor, the resort was keen to create an online experience that mirrored its physical allure and upscale services.


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CWS was tasked with developing a brand strategy that positions GC Beach Resorts and Hotel uniquely in a competitive market resonating deeply with its clientele. The focus was on crafting a user-friendly website, optimized across various devices, to enhance the customer journey from the first click. Key features included the ability for guests to view available rooms and seamlessly book online, facilitated by the integration of PayPal for secure and hassle-free transactions.

Through our comprehensive digital solutions, TeleDVM not only achieved its objectives but also set a new precedent in veterinary telehealth services, offering unparalleled ease and security to pet owners during challenging times.

The website overhaul extended to the creation of compelling web copy that encapsulated the essence of GC Beach Resorts and Hotel’s luxurious offerings. Our custom WordPress development, coupled with a bespoke booking plugin, ensured a smooth, intuitive experience for users. The result was a digital platform that truly reflected the elegance and exclusivity of GC Beach Resorts and Hotel, inviting guests to indulge in a memorable beachside getaway.

They captured the essence of our beachside experience, branding work as inviting as our physical location. The new website beautifully showcases our accommodations and services, offering ease of booking. We’ve seen a significant uptick in reservations and customer interactions, all thanks to CWS’s exceptional understanding of luxury hospitality and digital marketing.

~Owner - GC Beach Resorts and Hotel