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Hawkeye Services, a company dedicated to meticulous property inspections, collaborated with CWS to create a website that epitomizes professionalism and efficiency. With a suite of services like oil tank sweeps and sewer scope inspections, Hawkeye’s objective was to offer a digital platform that not only looked professional but was also highly functional for their clients in urgent need.


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  • WordPress


  • Plumbing

CWS delivered a responsive web design, ensuring an exceptional user experience across all devices. The project entailed developing a custom WordPress theme to satisfy Hawkeye’s specific content management system requirements, enabling them to update the website effortlessly. A significant feature was the integration of an appointment booking system, streamlining the process for clients seeking quick consultations.

This comprehensive website transformation by CWS offered Hawkeye Services an optimal balance of aesthetic appeal and practical utility, perfectly aligning with their commitment to professionalism and prompt customer service.

CWS went an extra mile in redesigning our website. Their expertise in creating a user-friendly, engaging website has significantly boosted our client interactions. The seamless integration of appointment booking has streamlined our process, making it easier for our clients to connect with us. We look forward to utilize their expertise in future.

~CTO - Mike Coscia