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MEDDLinkd is an Australian healthcare platform designed to improve patient outcomes through enhanced management and coordination of medical information. The website facilitates secure communication between healthcare providers and patients, offering tools for appointment scheduling, record keeping, and data analysis to ensure efficient and effective healthcare delivery.


  • UX
  • Web Design
  • Application Development


  • Healthcare
  • Sales & Marketing

MEDDLinkd, a leading Australian healthcare platform, approached CWS to enhance its digital capabilities to better manage and coordinate medical information. The goal was to provide a reliable and compliant system for medical sales teams and healthcare providers that leverages eCard technology to enhance customer engagement and grow their sales funnel.

Creative Web Sol Project
Creative Web Sol Project
Creative Web Sol Project

CWS developed a custom Laravel application with Stripe as a payment gateway, ensuring a secure and responsive web design that supports thousands of customer profiles. The solution included robust security features, allowing only ANZ verified healthcare providers access, and offered secure content hosting to comply with stringent healthcare regulations. It also enabled MEDDLinkd to offer a more efficient, secure communication platform between healthcare providers and patients, significantly enhancing user experience and operational capabilities.

This was a truly transformative experience for MEDDLinkd. Creative Web Solutions delivered a highly intuitive, secure, and responsive application that perfectly meets the unique needs of the Australian healthcare industry. The solution greatly enhanced our ability to manage secure communications and transactions efficiently.

~Co-Founder - Anthony S.